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Paper Galaxy Review
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I have always said that the simplest games are the most addictive.  Games like Tetris, and Angry Birds, Games that keep you glued to your phone or I-pad for hours. Paper Galaxy is one of those games.Paper Galaxy header

Paper Galaxy the Good

Honestly I started playing Paper Galaxy with low expectations. I see a lot of ios games and there is nothing to be said for most of them. Paper Galaxy on the other hand is the exception. 

I started playing with a this is for kids frame of mind but soon found myself immersed in the game.

Luna jumped off the bottom of the screen and a couple help windows popped up. I circled this planet and that thinking what is the point. Soon into the game a Crab Nebula ate my poor Luna.

 Now with a new since of determination, and some power-ups purchased with stars I had collected I began my journey across the galaxy again.

The art work in Paper Galaxy is exceptional.

I particularly enjoyed  the sound.  The noises Luna makes as she flies across the galaxy compliments the game perfectly.

What sets any game apart is not the graphics or the sound alone but the game play.  This is where Paper Galaxy shines the most.  

There’s a one click mechanic that is put to use in an ingenious way.

There are several goals that keep you playing. Beating your personal record, collecting stars to fund power-ups and staying ahead of the crab nebula.Paper Galaxy poster

Another area where the game shines is in the fun category. It’s FUN !

Paper Galaxy the Bad

I find myself sitting at the keyboard now trying to find something wrong with Paper Galaxy simply because I have a good, bad, and ugly review format.

 I did not find anything in Paper Galaxy that was worth mentioning as bad.

Paper Galaxy the Ugly

If you want a good clean family game to play then Paper Galaxy is the game for you.

 I save the 5 star rating for games that are near perfection in morality and design. Paper Galaxy meets that standard. Good job Liquid Entertainment.

You can get paper galaxy here. Paper Galaxy – Liquid Entertainment LLC. It’s more than worth the 1.99 download.

Have you played Paper Galaxy? Tell us about it in the comments section below.

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Paper Galaxy Review, 4.8 out of 5 based on 6 ratings


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