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Skyrim came out 11-11-11 and for the last seven days it’s the only game I have been playing. My computer whom I use daily has set idle as I have totally engrossed myself in the Xbox 360 version of this game. The landscape is vast and beautiful and this game is one of those titles that you can take your time with and enjoy. Bethesda has hit a homerun with Skyrim.

 Play Through

You awaken a prisoner of the empire. As you are waiting for your turn at the chopping block a story unfolds of a nation who is torn in civil unrest. Then it is your turn and you are shuffled toward the removal of your head, you have chosen your race, but how is your relationship with the lord…needless to say your head is not removed from your body. I don’t want to give too much of the stoSkyrim Waterfallry away but if you are planning on staying with the storyline it is well thought out and well written, but the true beauty of Skyrim is the fact that you can do whatever you want. Take as many side quest as you like. Explore the mountains and plains and gather ingredients for some rare potion. The possibilities are endless. Can I give you a step by step description of the first few minutes of game play? The answer is no. You will have a different playing experience then I have. Will you stop to admire the butterflies that are hovering just above the flowers or will you rush into a fight just so you can revel in the victory of battle? Are you a dual destruction spell caster are will you chose a more conventional way of dispatching your enemy? Me, I am a bow man but it’s your game to play, and thanks to Bethesda you can play it however you want to.

The Good

There are so many good things to say about Skyrim. The world is amazing and the designers held nothing back. The dungeons are expertlySkyrim Warrior crafted complete with traps and the undead. There are plenty of ingredients and treasures to collect and you can spend hours just reading books that are scattered throughout the world of Skyrim. You can attack a mammoth and then run from the giant that will surely kill you. The way that the enemies react in the open environment is also impressive bandits will hide behind rocks and shoot arrows at you while there club wielding buddy flanks you. The dragons are also a pleasure to watch in action they will fight you head on or fly above you and swoop in for the attack just as a real dragon would do. A real Dragon hmmm. Has Bathsheba blurred the lines between fantasy and reality? I don’t know, but they have given the true RPG gamer something to sink their teeth into. This game will not be devoured in one sitting.

The Bad

It really is hard to come up with anything bad to say about Skyrim. There were a couple of instances when I found myself in a crack between two mountain ranges and I found myself spamming the jump button trying to escape. I finally reloaded from my last save and found a new less treacherous route. After playing for some time I found that some of the people needing help were a little long winded but that’s just because I wanted to get the show on the road, just tell me who or what needs slaying. Of course if the NPC’s hadn’t talked as much I would have complained about lack of character development. I read back over what I just wrote and do realize that these complaints are petty.

The Ugly

Skyrim is a violent game there are swords, axes, clubs, etc… and they are all put to use. There is blood spray and I Witnessed one decapitation.

There Skyrim frost trollare bottles of wine and drink laying around and you can drink these as they will produce different affects on your character. There is also a fictional drug called Skooma that you can use.

I haven’t experienced any sexual dialog up to this point.

The word damn seems to be a popular word in Skyrim.

My biggest moral issue and concern is the amount of dialog that is given to the fictional religious beliefs of the citizens of Skyrim.

Here is an excerpt from Common Since Media

Parents need to know that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a vast, open role-playing game with missions involving bloody, visceral violence and others that require diplomatic social skills. The game is largely what the user makes of it. Players can choose to act nobly, maliciously, or apathetically. Actions are typically accompanied by appropriate consequences, meaning players who do good will be rewarded while those who do evil will likely end up spending time in jail and facing loss of property and skill. The game is dense with mature themes involving sexuality, alcohol, and complex social, political, and economic problems.

If you are a christian gamer then let the world know Join the coalition.

About Jerry

Jerry is a Children's Pastor and the founder of Coalition of Christian Gamers. He is married and has three children. He can't aim so you will find him on a respawn binge in most First Person Shooters. Username: cocgblog on Steam and Origin.


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