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This week I got the chance to review Rage. Rage is one of those games that I have had on my to do list but never got around to. What a shame! I had read that Rage has beautiful graphics but they really are above par actually better than I expected.

Rage Play Through

The opening scene of rage is awesome.  A huge asteroid is on a collision path toward earth actually bumping the moon before impact with the earth. It’s nice when a game starts by making you a part of the story right from the beginning as done in Skyrim, and done really well in the first Half Life. I don’t want to give the story away but needless to say you survive the impact.

The Good

Rage Game Review MayorAs mentioned above the graphics in Rage are above par. There are so many details that it’s hard to not be totally immersed in the environment.

The voice acting is also above par. It did not feel to me like I was going to a NPC mission station when I talked to the characters. They will almost make you believe that they care about their world and their survival.

The details of Rage really make it shine. When you shoot the baddies they act differently according to where the bullet hits. This has been done in many different  games but rage really perfected this. I really enjoyed taking head shots and knocking the helmets off of my targets or taking leg shots and making them stumble. If your target is behind cover sometimes you will think they are dead only for them to be wounded and pop up to take one last shot at you.

I was apprehensive about a game that combined racing with FPS. I wondered if it could be pulled off without hindering one aspect of the game or the other. But the people at id did a fine job. I’m not into racing games, but that aspect of this game was enjoyable, especially after I got mini guns mounted to my buggy.Rage Review Racing

If you are an old school game player you will notice many references to games of the past. I enjoyed playing mutant bash TV a FP version of smash TV. Yes, I did find myself turning in circles to kill hordes of mutants.  You can play a room from Wolfenstein at the ghost camp but I couldn’t find this level

The Bad

Rage has some flaws that need to be mentioned.

First to switch weapons in the PS3 version you have to hold down the R2 button and use the right analog sticks to change guns and the left to change ammo. This makes it very hard to switch guns and ammo types on the move. Forcing you to use whatever you have loaded instead of being able to tactfully chose ammo for different situations.

After several missions the game starts to feel like a go get, go do, marathon. Perhaps if some missions were triggered from more seemingly random circumstances , rather than having to speak to this person or go speck to that person then this would have been minimized.

The only way you can buy modules for your vehicle is through racing and earning race certificates. A way for id to insure that the player plays the racing game aspect that they spent time developing. I would have liked to pick up loot from enemy vehicles I destroyed or to engineer modules from loot that I had found.Rage Review Bandits

The Ugly

Gore abounds in Rage with wing stick decapitations and blood spray.

Offensive language is also a problem not so much in the character dialogs but in the randomized things that the bandits say. The F bomb being the most dominant but any other word you can think of will occasionally slip out as well.

All in All Rage is a standout FPS with an enjoyable racing element. The language is a problem for me as it didn’t have any real place and would not have detracted from the game if it was not there. There are some elements that could have been pulled off a little better but a stand out game never the less.

You can see another review for rage here at another quality Christian review site.

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Jerry is a Children's Pastor and the founder of Coalition of Christian Gamers. He is married and has three children. He can't aim so you will find him on a respawn binge in most First Person Shooters. Username: cocgblog on Steam and Origin.

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    Sep 2, 2012 @ 19:04 pm

    There are two multiplayer modes, both of which are playable online or as a split-screen game; Road Rage is entirely vehicle-based and features a selection of races and rallies similar to the driving/racing sub games in the solo campaign, set on six maps, and Wasteland Legends which is a 2-player co-op mode that allows you to play through nine scenarios chronicled in Rage’s solo campaign story and using locations from it.


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